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The Benefits of Playing Games Together As a Family

The Benefits of Playing Games Together As a Family
Posted: Jan 17 2019

The family is the very foundation of an individual’s personality development. Psychologists believe that children who grow up with a family that has a sound background with strong family ties are the ones who are happier and positive towards life.

Playing together as a family during childhood days is one of the factors that make the family bonds stronger and tighter. Through playing games together as a family, children can experience the affection and emotional values that are worth remembering for the rest of their lives.

Children will be able to learn a lot of lessons in life when they play together as a family. And as they play and learn they will also develop their own personality. Among the developments are:


1. Communication – children will learn the importance of good communication through listening and talking at the right time with the proper attitude. When they get to play with other people, the parents would be confident that they would not cause any conflict with their teammates.

2. Emotional intelligence – playing will develop the children’s emotional intelligence through the affection and care that parents show as they play together. They will learn to show respect and submission as parents guide them and lead them in the games. They will also get to know all the family members better.


3. Intellectual intelligence – playing will develop their intellectual abilities as they integrate ideas and suggestions. Allowing them to think of ways and strategies to win as they play will sharpen their sense of thinking and rationalizing. Try some strategy games.


4. Behavior and attitude – playing is an important factor that will help develop the temperament of a child. As they play with the family, they will learn how to accept defeat and how to be humble when they win. The right attitude that parents show while playing will also be the attitude they will absorb. I love cooperative games to help with winning attitudes.


5. Energetic and vigorous – playing games together as a family will influence the children to become active and full of life, always willing to participate in whatever challenges or competitions they may encounter. Physical fitness will also be given importance as the whole family plays together. Silly games are great for this.


6. Sense of self-worth – playing will develop their sense of individuality. They will be confident to face adventures because they know that the support of the family is always there.


7. Recreational activities – playing is a good way to release tension and pressures. Indoor or outdoor games may lessen or ease the burdens, especially during the trying times of crisis. Great family games that also are also very recreational are laser tag and paintball. Both of these games are highly active, fun for all ages, and they create fond memories for the whole family.

Playing together as a family plays a great role in bringing up the child. The laughter and the joy brought by this experience will have a long time effect in the life of the child. The happiness as experienced in the family and the family ties that bind each of the members will influence the child to become happy and positive in life no matter what circumstances come along the way.

Playing does not require much money to enjoy; with simple games and ordinary playthings, the family will be able to grow together, learn together and laugh together for a happier life.



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