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Posted: 03:23 PM on Jan 17 2019

How to get glowing skin – Beauty tips for skin glow

Every woman aspires to get beautiful and glowing skin because it can add real...

Posted: 02:23 PM on Jan 17 2019

Add these food items to your diet to keep the flu at bay this season

As much as we all enjoy rains and the slightly chilly weather right befor...

Posted: 01:42 PM on Jan 17 2019

High-fiber diet linked to lower risk of death and chronic diseases

People who eat diets that are high in fib...
Posted: 01:19 PM on Jan 17 2019

Need a new diet this new year? Here's how to pick one and stick with it

With every new year comes the annual tradition of making resolutions. One of...

Posted: 10:49 AM on Dec 29 2017

7 Types of Clothing Every Woman Should Get Rid of by the Time She’s 30

There are some things every woman should have in her closet, like a little bl...

Posted: 10:49 AM on Dec 29 2017

Butter and 21 Other Foods You Don’t Need to Refrigerate

Anybody who cooks at home knows food safety is pretty important. If you aren’...

Posted: 10:49 AM on Dec 29 2017

Season and Seasonal Regimen-Identification and Practical Application in Different parts of Globe

The living system is a miniature of the outer universe. Every natural phenome...

Posted: 10:49 AM on Dec 29 2017

Let’s Awaken Our Water

During my childhood days I remember my grandmother storing water in a...

Posted: 10:49 AM on Dec 29 2017

Positive Mental Health – Beating the Blues with Ayurveda

Mental Health is a concept that refers to the psychological and emotio...

Posted: 10:49 AM on Dec 29 2017

Ayurvedic Rituals for the Whole Family

1.  WATER: awaken your digestive system